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Providing Property Owners the Tax Savings Resources They Need!

At PTCR, our mission is to analyze any personal property environment, multiple locations and/or complex issues, and comply with state-mandated personal property filing requirements. We strive to obtain, then maintain, the lowest possible tax liability for our clients, thereby minimizing their internal costs and maximizing their profit.

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Work With Experts

PTCR is one of the most comprehensive and experienced state and local tax consulting firms in our industry. PTCR consultants undergo yearly continuing education to make sure our expertise in understanding statutory requirements is always up to date. Combined we have almost 70 years of experience working in every state that assess personal property. We have clients with needs from 1 return to more than 5,000 returns, and from being in 1 state to being in all 40 states that tax personal property in the US. We also do "value work" on complex personal property types, exemption work, heavy equipment filings, and gross receipts filings.

Our people are Senior Property Tax Professionals will help you to; Find those missed opportunities for cost reductions, Develop a proactive tax management program to guide you through compliance while saving tax dollars, and Reduce your state and local tax burden in effect increasing the profitability and sustainability of your business

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Achieve Your Goals

Our Senior Tax Professionals examine your accounts each year to determine if a property has been over-assessed and conduct a full-scale evaluation of the issues specific to your situation prior to the personal property compliance process. Once identified, these specific issues are integrated with our expertise in property tax issues and regional personal property filing requirements to determine how to most effectively challenge your values and minimize your tax liability.

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Minimize Your Tax Burden

PTCR offers multiple-location property owners a complete range of services designed to minimize their personal property and real estate tax liability. We can offer you basic consulting services all the way to a full turn-key tax department. Take the hasel and headache out of doing it in house, and free up your employees on other aspects of their jobs. We can handle the entire process and even pay the checks directly to the assessing jurisdictions.

These services provide numerous benefits and generally include the following:

***Fixed-Asset Schedules & Inventory Valuation***
-Identifying obsolete and phantom assets
- Identifying nontaxable and taxable assets for reclassification.
- Taking advantage of the most favorable, justifiable depreciation schedules.
- Knowledge of industry-specific trends to isolate specific value issues.
- Determining inventory eligibility for special assessments, exemptions, or value adjustments.

***Valuation Process***
- Guaranteed adherence to various state filing deadlines and requirements.
- Monitoring of rendered values to proposed assessed values.
- Filing required appeals with assessing authorities, if applicable.

***Savings & Support***
- Preparing assessment-based reports as a tool for adjustment of accruals.
- First year tax savings that often carry over to subsequent years.
- Customizable reports to support tax planning.
- Proposing property-tax savings strategies to assure minimum tax liability in the future.
- Overall increased profitability.

Property Tax Compliance Resources ability to implement the above stated processes and facilitate interactions between your company and taxing authorities ultimately changes how the assessing authorities value your assets.

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We service every state that taxes business personal property (BPP), and we handle our clients Real Property accounts in the states that don't.

Why hire multiple consultants to handle your accounts?!

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Come On In!

Property Tax Compliance Resources is proud to have some of the industry’s best consultants on our team. The experience, capability, and passion of our staff is the foundation for our success in serving our clients.



Mr. Jim LeMaster is co-owner of PTCR. He is a Licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant with more than 30 years of experience managing national property tax programs. Prior to PTCR, Mr. LeMaster provided expertise as a Senior Property Tax Consultant for the Industrial-Complex Properties division of a national property tax consulting firm. He was also president of the Houston-based tax consulting firm Badillo-LeMaster, Incorporated. He has had an extensive career serving both large, complex properties and multi-state ad valorem businesses.



Senior Property Tax Consultant

Mr. Jonathan Chandler is a Senior Property Tax Consultant with PTCR. He has 8 years of experience as a tax consultant. Prior to PTCR Mr. Chandler was a student at Texas State University and graduated with a Physics/Mathematics degree. He is an excellent problem solver and great with high volume location clients.




Mr. George Billingsley is co-owner of PTCR. He is a Licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant with more than 30 years of experience managing multi-state property tax programs. Prior to PTCR, Mr. Billingsley was the President of Property Tax for a national property tax consulting firm directing the development of the firm and overseeing the valuation and appraisal of a multitude of real and personal property. His background with a Big 4 accounting firm and experience as the Director of Local Properties in the Texas Comptroller’s office was instrumental in cultivating his expertise with complex property issues.



Property Tax Consultant

Mr. William Foster is one of our newest employees. He has been with PTCR for just over 4 years now and has proven to be a vital asset already. Prior to working for PTCR Mr. Foster was attending Texas State University and graduated with an accounting degree. His primary focus, for now, is the processing of tax bills, and the payment of those bills.



Tax Analyst

Mr. Glenn Heironimus is our tax analyst at PTCR. He has been with us for many years and handles the day-to-day operations. These include but are not limited to: data collection, mail handling, tax bill tracking, correspondence, and so much more. Truly a great asset any company would be lucky to have.

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Property Tax Compliance Resources offers companies a complete range of services to minimize our clients' internal
compliance costs and personal property tax liability.

We have experience in multi-state compliance, commercial, and industrial/complex valuation.

This diverse experience enables Property Tax Compliance Resources to analyze any personal property environment and
comply with state-mandated personal property filing requirements while obtaining the lowest possible personal property
tax liability for our clients


Automotive Supply Stores
Computer Stores
Consumer Electronics
Convenience Stores
Department Stores
Drug & HBC Stores
Home Center Stores
Jewelry Stores
Leasing Companies
Music/Video Stores
Optical Locations
Various Miscellaneous Stores


Aggregate Manufacturing & Hauling
Banking Locations
Chemical Processing Facilities
Distribution Facilities
Gaming & Vending Operations
High Tech Manufacturing Facilities
Ice Manufacturing & Vending Locations
Magazine Production Facilities
Newspaper Production & Vending Locations
Pipe Yards
Rendering Facilities
Recycling Services Companies
Textile Manufacturing-Distribution
Steel Processing Locations
Heavy Rental Equipment Companies
Media & Television Companies
Various Other Manufacturing Facilities

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